AN SAOL is about the quality of life we should provide our sons, daughters, family and friends when they are at their most vulnerable.

However careful we are, and however slim the odds, a severe brain injury is something that can happen to anyone, and any family, at any time. One second, things are happy and normal… then, heaven forbid, the next second they are anything but.

Life can change in the blink of an eye… but quality of life should not. Some are quick to believe life will no longer be worth living after such an unfortunate event. Worse, precious little is done to help make lives more livable from that point forward!

Instead of ongoing rehabilitation, our most vulnerable are given the most basic, cost-effective forms of maintenance. They are committed to nursing homes offering minimal therapy and unimaginable loneliness… for the rest of their lives.

It’s inconceivable that we use the latest in medical technology to save someone’s life… yet ignore research and best practices to then care for them. Please help us raise awareness. One day we’ll all realise this is wrong… How about TODAY?


  • To set forth an alternative dialog about those with severe Acquired Brain Injuries (sABI) – to change common misconceptions about their condition, and the standard processes and treatments that are currently afforded them.
  • To develop and fund a pilot program (already in planning) that will demonstrate the benefits of early and intensive mental/physical therapies, and provide that to a growing number of patients who currently have no access to such therapies.
  • To organize events, alliances and campaigns to raise public and political support and funding for improving the opportunities and outcomes of patients and families of sABI.


  • Always appreciate that life is something to be cherished and never dismissed, and that everyone has a right to a quality of life – however grave the circumstances. Please do whatever you can to help others achieve it.
  • Please introduce our cause and share our events with anyone you can – friends, family, potential influencers. Conversation and social media have amazing power and reach. Your words and actions really can be the catalyst for important change!
  • Contribute in any way and anything you can. Perhaps you can volunteer a little time or donate a little money. The smallest of deeds and donations soon add up to make our goals possible. Thank you!
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