Life and Living with a severe Acquired Brain Injury (sABI)

To survive a severe Acquired Brain Injury is one of the most hard-hitting, life-changing events for the survivor, their families, and their friends. What makes it worse is that in Ireland families are left with no hope, basically having to fend for themselves. Shockingly, it is still accepted practice that survivors are sent to nursing homes – after a short assessment period in either an acute hospital or the country’s only National Rehabilitation Hospital (NRH) – to be ‘medicated, managed, and maintained’ for the rest of their lives.


With ongoing rehabilitation, we have seen dramatic improvements in our family members when nobody believed this to be possible. And what we have experienced personally is supported by recent international research which shows that demanding mental and physical activity offers the only consistently proven means to regain function – leading to a better quality of life.

We are the families, friends, and supporters of persons affected by sABI. We have established the AN SAOL FOUNDATION and the AN SAOL PILOT PROJECT to change the hearts and minds of society to support survivors of sABI, and their families, so that they can live their life to the fullest.